Thank you for this insightful article! I'm 29 and have been facing challenges with PCOS and irregular periods ever since my periods began. My experience has been a constant cycle of starting and stopping birth control pills (and other pills like Metformin and spironolactone), as without them, I've never had a regular period. But I stopped taking them last year, and six months ago, I began taking berberine supplements, and since then, I've noticed a significant improvement. My periods have become regular, occurring every 30-35 days. The only change I've made in my diet and lifestyle is the addition of berberine supplements, and I feel that they are the main factor in achieving healthier menstrual cycles.

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Oh that is such great news. It does have significant evidence behind it and I am so glad it worked for you. What brand did you use?

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Jan 17·edited Jan 17

Preferred Nutrition - Berberine 500 mg

Yeah it's the first supplement that's actually working for me

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